2017: NPR’s Goats and Sodas Blog About the Development: Hunger and Famine in African Drylands Posted June 13, 2017


2016: SNRE Blog “Bilal Butt, Ming Xu receive NSF CAREER awards”. Article about recent NSF CAREER Grant.

2016: WCBN Radio, Ann Arbor. Interview for WCBN’s environmental talk show 88.9 FM on ‘The Power Is Yours! Popular Environmental Narratives and the Legacy of Captain Planet’. Air date February 5, 2016


2014: BBC Radio 4 Invited expert for BBC Radio 4’s show “Shared Planet” on Wildlife and Drought in East Africa. Air date December 2, 2014


2013: SNRE Blog Beyond The Classroom: A Conversation With UNEP. Article about an innovative pedagogical activity with graduate students, where we visited UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) to discuss climate change and conflict. 21 November 2013.

2013: University Record Interview regarding Zachary Petroni, former student who won the inaugural Wallenburg fellowship. Story printed on May 6, 2013.


2013: African Studies Center “A conversation with Dr. Bilal Butt”. Interview with Aneeth Hundle for ‘Alliances: Newsletter of the African Studies Center, University of Michigan’. Winter 2013 No. 5, page 10

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2011: WCBN Radio, Ann Arbor Hour-long radio interview for WCBN’s environmental talk show 88.9 FM on ‘Environment, Information and Sustainable Development’. Air date November 7, 2011